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SE Cam view
To my SE are the Organ Mountains 9 miles away with Organ Needle being the highest point at 9,012 feet. Not much lightning but some great rolling cloud cover and the occasional fire.
This NW view is of the Dona Ana Mountains 7 miles away. Dona Ana Peak is at 5,835 feet and some great lightning events roll thru that area. NW Cam View
NE Cam view

Intense lightning can roll over that whole area.

To my NE is a NASA installation that is used for Shuttle tracking and other such things. The 3rd choice landing strip for all Shuttle missions is over the mountains at White Sands Space Harbor.

Only one shuttle mission ever landed there on 03-30-1982. STS-3 was the 3rd shuttle mission and 3rd flown by our first flyable shuttle -
Columbia (destroyed on re-entry 02-01-2003).

Shuttle Atlantis did a low altitude piggybacked fly-over for the NASA folks on 06-01-2009 on its way back to Florida. Shuttle Endeavor did a low altitude piggybacked fly-over on its way to retirement at the California Science Center.

This NORTH view is just that - NORTH with that compass point in the center of the view. Polaris (North Star) can sometimes be noticed just below the word "Dew". Dust devils and thunderstorms cross that area quite often. NORTH Cam View

SOUTH Cam view

This SOUTH view is just that - SOUTH with that compass point in the center of the view. Some nice nite time thunderstorm activity can be seen during the desert season called Monsoon.

Las Cruces Weather Sky Cam Info

Our still images are created with a combination of Olympus C4000Z and C765UZ (SE Cam only) digital cameras. 24 hour scheduling, uploading and camera functions are controlled by VM95 software from Erdman Video Systems. Images are updated approximately every 3 minutes.

At this time, all camera views are static and from an interior location (looking thru windows).

Future plans include additional streaming video provided by one to three Logitech C600 webcams.

Current views (NORTH and SOUTH views should be obvious):

Camera Views